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Burnt :with picture: by Sarari Burnt :with picture: :iconsarari:Sarari 5 3
I burn myself out on your hearth
Built to contain me not to feed me
When I'm gone you will grow cold
Until another blaze comes along
And I, I burn myself out on your hearth
:iconsarari:Sarari 0 0
Sarari: prettier by Sarari Sarari: prettier :iconsarari:Sarari 0 0 Kamots by Sarari Kamots :iconsarari:Sarari 0 0 ZeroCool: Akatou in human form by Sarari ZeroCool: Akatou in human form :iconsarari:Sarari 0 2 Sarari: Saiyan battle armor by Sarari Sarari: Saiyan battle armor :iconsarari:Sarari 3 2 Sarari: wind in her hair by Sarari Sarari: wind in her hair :iconsarari:Sarari 18 6 Sarari: first drawing by Sarari Sarari: first drawing :iconsarari:Sarari 0 1
Sweet Symmetry
Oh sweet muffin
I crushed you to my breast
When I stumbled upon the stairs
You did not cry out
But instead, conformed to my shape
Remaining nestled in my arms
Wrapped in your cellophane
And though your frame has changed
You remain unspoiled, steadfast and true
All your dulcet virtues
Numerous as the crumbs on my sheets
Have transformed my appetite
Into a love of great symmetry
:iconsarari:Sarari 0 1
Suburban Lobby
A fluorescent light convulses
Throughout the day.
Staccato buzzing desperate
Like the erratic glances at my watch.
Every night I slouch and shuffle home,
A little less starched than before.
My model number four house
Sedately waits for me.
The front has two trees instead of one.
Sometime I want to burn it to the ground,
Other times I just want to paint it beige.
Everyone is waiting for something,
Waiting for their lottery ticket to win,
For that promised promotion,
For that talent agent to come 'round.
I'm waiting on a Chinese food delivery
And for my life to start.
:iconsarari:Sarari 0 0
Not Made To Last
"That's a cute hat."
"It keeps my ears warm."
His head tilts downwards
In a sharp sideways movement
We continue walking in silence
"He seems like a nice guy."
"He keeps my bed warm."
Smooth over pits in the pavement
A spattered circle cools
Glistening under the streetlight
"You should be wearing a jacket - aren't you cold?"
"No, I'm used to the cold."
:iconsarari:Sarari 0 0
Your Nature
You gorge upon me
Frail and pink
To your wolfish mana
It is not me
You said one night
The Wendigo is the lusty one
I had believed you
With your smooth, bronzed skin
And your easy smile
Assured you were more human
Because you looked that way
But underneath a civil guise
Eyes dark and smoldering
Is the beast
You have embraced
And lain with
And grown to love
The taste of flesh with
It is you
:iconsarari:Sarari 0 1
Low Road Traveler
Laid low and ashen
In a fading meadow
Morning is but a memory
Nightlings grow bold
Creeping, crawling
Towards the still form
Void flesh waxes pale
Under the rising moon
Smooth as bone
In the gloaming's maw
Surrounded by insects
Humming, thrumming
In the night
:iconsarari:Sarari 0 3
Heather's Ocean
I listen behind closed eyes
As you dream out loud
In mumbles and sighs
That quiver and spill
Over your pillow's brim
They slide down the side
Leaving gossamer trails
To glimmer in dim light
And pool in the cover folds
Until I am an island
Whispers brush my skin
Too soft to be heard
And I am lulled to sleep
In this intimate moment
As your dreams lap at my shore
:iconsarari:Sarari 0 3
Mature content
Art :iconsarari:Sarari 0 0
Mature content
Beauty and Power :iconsarari:Sarari 1 2

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Sarari Moss
"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense." (Tom Clancy)
I'm back.  It's been a while hasn't it?  Tried to update a few months ago, but the site kept not letting me do it.  So I had to stop or I'd work myself into a rage.

I've loaded a few poems.  Haven't done much in the way of drawing unfortunately.  More poems to come - I'm going to put up most of the ones I created for my 2nd year poetry workshop course.

I've been depressed for between a year and half a year, so I've deffinately not been meeting my creative quota.  Coming out of it though, so expect some new work.  Maybe even some serious prose - ooooo.


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laurythompson Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2007
OMG! you're a GENIUS! Why don't you join the poetry contest from [link] ? Free to enter, 100k prize. You MUST win it!
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thanks for the :+fav: ^^
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